Adam O’Toole Guitar Tech for Jason Mraz

“Big Bends Nut Sauce is something every guitar tech should have in their work
box. I’ve been using it for over 8 years and don’t know what I would do without
it. Best product out there by far, no one else comes close to it. You’re not a
true Guitar tech until you have this in the box.”

Allen Marshall

“Thanks for following up with the phone call last week. I got the order in time to try it out on a gig Sunday night. I definitely noticed a big difference in tuning stability, and no more strings sticking at the nut. Just the product I was looking for.
I really appreciate your customer service and responsiveness in following through. I enjoyed chatting with you on the phone, and wish you the best luck and success in your endeavors. I’m hooked on Big Bends – I’ll look for it in stores!”

Bob Sweet/Sweet Sound Electronics, Inc

“Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your Big Bends Nut Sauce lubricant!!
I have been playing for over 35 years professionally and have tried all the remedies (I’m sure you know the list) and I have never seen ANYTHING work as well as Nut Sauce. One of my Strat’s had been giving me trouble breaking strings, of course I did all the things such as smoothing down all the contact points, refile the nut…etc. But after putting on some Nut Sauce I have not a single problem and it’s been over a month of steady gigging. I wanted to see how long I could go but the strings have deadened so much I have to change them anyway. Just wanted to thank you.”

Bob Welch

“I use Big Bends Nut Sauce on the nut slots and bridge for all my Bigsby equipped guitars. It works better than anything to insure tuning stability when using the Bigsby. I’ve also used it in the nut slots and Waverly tuning gears for a limited edition Martin acoustic. Great product. It does what it’s advertised to do.”

Brian Kutzman / Guitar Tech for the Goo Goo Dolls

“Big Bends Nut Sauce is the best product I’ve found on the market for minimizing string breakage and extending string life. I string 2 or 3 guitars a day, over 1,000 strings a year for various types of artists, and I wouldn’t string a single guitar without it.”

Brad Gillis, guitarist – Night Ranger/Ozzy Osbourne

“Jeff, well the verdict is in…Love the “Nut Sauce”. After pulling out my old strats
and floating all the original bridges, I applied the “Sauce” on the nut cavities and under the string trees to realize this stuff works! Now I can play my ’65 Ice Blue Metallic and ’57 Sunburst strat live and still do my wild tremolo antics without worrying about tuning. I’ve been telling all my guitarist buddies about the sauce and they’re convinced too.
Thanks, Jeff.” “P.S. I have 35 guitars and they crave good tuning.”

Bruce Petrie – The Incognitos

“…I play a DiPinto (think Los Straitjackets) with a Jazzmaster style vibrato & a 1960 Gretsch with a Bigsby. I don’t have to tell you what a nightmare whammy bars can be, but the Nut Sauce makes them both stay in perfect tune when applied to the nut & bridge. I am truly amazed! You can’t believe how happy the other guys in the band are, since I don’t have to retune between songs. Thanks to you, my love of the whammy bar comes through gig after gig. I’m a customer for life. Keep up the good work.”

Buster McNeil

“Tuning, friction and slipping was a daily problem, especially with all the Skynyrd guitars. Two out of three with vibrato arms caused lots of grief. However, with Nut Sauce, and its ease of application at any and all string contact points, life is GOOD!!!”

Chad Weaver, guitar tech for Brad Paisley

“I’ve been using powdered graphite or liquid Teflon (or a combination of the two) on guitars for years and Jeff’s product has cured many of my problems. Going from the changing temperatures and humidity of arenas, fairs and theaters, sometimes all in the same week, can make tuning a trick sometimes. But with Nut Sauce, I never have to worry about strings getting hung up in the nut or popping when I try to tune. Nut Sauce stays where you put it, the application is clean and simple with the ‘groove luber’ and most of all…..IT WORKS!!! I use it on the nut slots of all our guitars. I can be confident that when I send Brad out on stage, his only tuning problems that night……..will be ME!!! Ha ha. Thanks, Jeff for such a great product.”

Clarence Lee

“Thanks for sending the Nut Sauce so quick. I tried it the day I received it and it works like a charm. I used it on my Les Paul and it stays in tune while I play and even when I picked up the guitar a few days later – still in tune. The G & B string always seemed to go flat and the rest went a little sharp – but now not a problem.”

David Cornelius

“I have been using the Sauce for about 2 years now. I have used it on my Fender Strat and my Les Paul. Definitely helps with tuning and string breakage! Recently I purchased an Ibanez with an Edge 3 tremolo, it is awesome helping with those wild dive bombs!!!! I haven’t broken a string yet! Plus I know it is helping keep it in tune!!! Now I have all of your products and am very pleased!!!”

Elliot Easton, lead guitarist for the Cars

“Congratulations on your wonderful product, Big Bends Nut Sauce! I have been using it on tour and find that it has not only cut WAY down on the need for on-stage tuning, but it has also virtually eliminated string breakage. Those little technical niggles can be so distracting and tend to keep a guitarist ‘earthbound,’ thinking too much about the wrong things. These seemingly small changes in my playing experience on the live stage have made a profound difference in the ‘fun factor.’ Instead of worrying about going out of tune or breaking a string, I can, in a sense, forget about the guitar and concentrate on making music. This is a good thing! On stage, I play my Gretsch Elliot Easton Signature Model, which is equipped with a Bigsby vibrato unit. Needless to say, there are lots of moving parts, and so there are many ways a string can either slip or bind up on a metal or bone surface (the nut). Your Big Bends Nut Sauce has not only eliminated these problems, but has also had the effect of making me less inhibited about using the vibrato, for fear of throwing the guitar out of tune! I can’t thank you enough for this great product. You are a champion to string benders and whammy shakers everywhere!”

Gary Gates

“I think the stuff is great. I have several guitars, but the one that seems to have benefited the most is my ’62 Strat Re-issue. The improvement in tuning stability is awesome. I was almost unable to use the tremolo bar before because it would never return to pitch. This is no longer a problem. I’m glad I hooked up with you. Keep up the good work and I’ll pass along the word.

George Cocchini, Studio guitarist

“As a full-time studio guitarist in Nashville who plays vintage as well as new guitars, I want to say that Nut Sauce has cut the number of times I have to tune in the studio approximately in half, and when I have to tune, it’s a small adjustment, not the temperamental pitch drifts of old. Nut Sauce is also the reason I can play my ’64 Jazzmaster or ’57 Les Paul Special with confidence both live or in the studio, where before, they were just fun to look at but too temperamental to trust in a gig. In short, it has made my life quite a bit easier overall. That’s coming from a guy who has used everything from graphite, Vaseline, Teflon, and axle grease in the past. Thank you for creating a product that actually exceeds expectations.”

Greg Noll

“The Nut Sauce has been working out great for me. I’ve been applying it as per your instructions and having lots of success. The main thing I’m loving it for is how much it cuts down on string breakage (I tend to play hard & break strings A LOT). Anyway, Thanks.

Jeff Stinco

“This Big Bends recipe is not very tasty but it sure is the best product that I found to keep my guitars in tune night after night. My Guitars fly all around the world, get thrown on stage, get abused, have their strings bent, whacked and attacked but I still want them to stay in tune. That’s why I use Big Bends on all my poor guitars. Big Bends is my little secret to keep my guitars in tune no matter how rough I am with them. Don’t tell anybody!”

Jimmy Amason – guitar tech – Dashboard Confessional

“Since I started using the sauce, I have noticed an improvement in the guitars staying in tune more consistent through the show, well done.”

JJ Cale

Used and endorsed by JJ Cale for use on Bigsby equipped guitars”

Joe Satriani

“When I use it on the bridge fulcrum points it really helps the floating bridge return to the zero point, with much less tendency to rest sharp or flat. Most people don’t know these points need to be lubricated. Nut Sauce is perfect for this. On my guitars without locking nuts, I use it under the strings to keep my guitars from drifting out of tune. It works great on plastic, bone and especially brass nuts.”

Josh Lazzara – Samash.com #44

“My name is Josh, and I’m a warehouse manager at Samash.com mail order #44. Just wanted to tell ya I picked up some of your product, and Man it does make a world of difference. You have solved many problems for me! Thanks a lot.
Now if I can just get my receiving crew to stop fighting over the T-Shirt each time we get a shipment from you! Thanks again Jeff, and congratulations on a fine product.”

Larry Melero of Sum 41/ George Benson

“I use Big Bends Nut Sauce on all the instruments I work on. I love the stuff. It makes tuning and maintaining an instrument in tune so much easier.

George Benson’s Ibanez GB10 is strung up with D’Addario Chromes (flatwound) strings (13-56) in standard tuning. It also has a 1/2 brass-1/2 bone nut and a floating rosewood bridge. He plays that 1 guitar for the whole show. I’ve put it on my tuner at the end of the night just to check the tuning. It’s always spot on after a 2 hour set. Big Bends Nut Sauce plays a part in that.”

Liam Killen – The Sabrejets

“Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Nut Sauce I got from you – after years of lugging two guitars along to gigs so that I had a handy replacement when I inevitably bust a string on my Tele (and yes, I had fitted stringsaver saddles) I’m so happy to have just played 4 gigs in a row without breaking any strings. My fellow band members can’t believe it either.”

Lynn Burke – FedEx 727 Captain

“I was quite surprised but you are totally correct. I used your graphite lube on my ’83 E2 Gibson Explorer and played it hard for 2 hours. Only initially after applying the lube did it require a slight tuning. After that, I played finger style, blues shuffle type of stuff, and lots of squeals and double stop bends with some bends 2 full tones, and I never had to tune guitar again. When I put the guitar up, it only needed maybe 2 cents worth of tuning on the top E. Thanks very much and as I surmised, most strings are replaced/and called worn out far too early when the problem is primarily not using your type of lube.”

Mark Buchler – guitarist – MIDNITE BLUES BAND

“Dude, I gotta say, Nut Sauce is a Godsend. Being primarily a Stratocaster player for over 18 years, I speak from the experience when I say that the stock Strat tremolo is perhaps the foulest, vilest, most shameful tremolo system ever foisted upon the guitaring community. After years of fighting with it, and trying various remedies to keep it in tune, I simply gave up and shoved wood blocks into the body cavity to “hard-tail” it, thereby sacrificing the “joy of the whammy”. However, after applying Nut Sauce, it was truly noticeable how vastly improved the rig stayed in tune. And for the most part, it STAYS in tune, even after all those wild leads! Thanks for a great product that actually does what it says it will do.”

Mark Hart

“I must tell you that when I change strings or retune, I feel naked without your Big Bends Nut Sauce. This really is the greatest boon to guitar playing since metal strings. I RARELY break a string now, and I am a huge fan of string stretching. The only breaks I ever get now are in the middle of the string. Never the nut or bridge. The guitar just hardly ever gets out of tune.

You know, I have this ’57 Strat with original Klusons and the buggers were pretty loose inside. I filled each tuner through the small hole in the back and presto….new tuners. No slop and no wobble. Yeah!! And the way Nut Sauce sticks around, they should be in that new condition for another forty seven years. Thanks for the great product and super service.”

Michael Sagraves / Guitar Tech for Eric Church

“I never worry about tuning issues or string breakage with Nut Sauce. It works as advertised.”

Nick Koutsoukis

“It’s rare that a product exceeds your expectations these days, much less meeting it, but your Nut Sauce doesn’t “just” really work, it worked on a guitar of mine for which NOTHING ELSE EVER WORKED. Not pencil graphite, liquid graphite, powder, etc, etc. I thought this guitar (’56 Les Paul Jr.) was hopelessly untunable but now I’m not scared to play it out at a gig. You’d think a little $12 bottle of goop wouldn’t make such a significant difference in an instrument, but it literally turned an unplayable guitar to one of my favorites for gigs.
I will definitely spread the word about this stuff. Thanks so much for inventing it!”

Nicky Moroch – David Sanborn Studios

“I can finally use my vintage guitars in the studio without re-tuning every 8 bars! Keep ’em original – just add a little ‘sauce’.”

Pieter Holland – www.rocknrollranchstudios.com

Review of Big Bends Nut Sauce by Pieter Holland

“I know what you’re thinking. You’ve just read the title of this review and you’re thinking to yourself about being healthy and some kind of goo you pour over peanuts and cashews. Perhaps, it’s an old recipe. Well sorry…you’re wrong.

It is a kind of goo. However, this goo was scientifically designed by the good people at Big Bends. The Concept of Nut Sauce is simple: Stop string drag and/or friction at the nut and string guides, while most string breakage at the bridge and saddles.

For years, guitar players have used pencil lead, Vaseline, lip balm, and other things to keep their guitars in tune. Big Bends came up with an idea that it had to be non-toxic, non-corrosive, and not affect the finish on your guitar. It also had to have state-of-the -art lubricants and be thick enough that it would stay where you put it (nut slots, string guides, and bridge saddles).

“I’ve been using it for a month now. I do a lot of hard-playing and this absolutely works!”

Nut Sauce comes to you in a neat little package. It comes with a cool little applicator which makes it easy to apply. It also comes with a little micro brush which can be used to remove any excess sauce or to reach extremely hard to reach places. Nut Sauce can be used on nut slots, string guides, string tree, saddles, bridge slots, various threaded parts, machined head gears, rollers, and any vibrato pivot points.

When using the sauce to prevent string breakage, it should be applied to the saddles or the bridge before each gig or serious practice sessions. If you want your guitar in tip top performance, run down to your local music store, walk up to the man at the counter and with a smile on your face, ask him for Big Bends Nut Sauce. If he carries it, he will be more than happy to sell it to you. If he has never heard of it, he will probably give you a funny look. If this happens, you should tell him that Big Bends Nut Sauce is state-of-the-art tuning lubricant specially formulated for stringed instruments and provide him with the telephone number and web address below.
1-888-788-bend or visit www.bigbends.com Big Bends Nut Sauce gets two thumbs up!

Phil Herrle

“I just placed my second order for the Nut Sauce. This stuff is awesome! I haven’t
broken a string since I started using it! I generally change strings before each show, but then they can sometimes go weeks before another change. Also, my guitars stay in tune like never before. I play a Strat for much of the show, with a lot of whammy use and I play very hard. In other words, I’m very happy! AWESOME product!”

Randy Michaels – Tower of Power

“Just a few words about your Nut Sauce product, as I told you on the phone, I came across your ad in Guitar One purely by accident. The claims in the ad sounded too good to be true, but I thought what the heck I’ll buy a tube and see if it really works.

IT DOES REALLY WORK! Since using the Nut Sauce Jeff hasn’t broke a single string. This excited me as well as took some pressure off me not having to change a broken string in the middle of a show. Now it is a very rare occasion for me to see Jeff tuning his guitar between songs. Since Tower of Power is a 10 piece band, it is a difficult task to keep an eye on everybody during a show, especially when a guitar string breaks.

Playing funk guitar is more intricate than most people realize. Jeff hits his strings hard when he’s groovin’ in the pocket and then he’ll turn around and play with the subtlety required on a ballad. I guess my point is that Jeff puts his strings through the extremes.

Nut Sauce is ALWAYS in my tool box now. Thanks for creating such a great product that really works!”

Randy Michaels – Tower of Power

“Hmmm…200+ shows, not one broken string. What can I say but, “WOW!” and “Thanks!!!”

Roger DeSouza of Motorhead

“Big Bends Nut Sauce is one of the main tools in my utility belt. It helps getting all guitars closer to tuning heaven. A small detail that works wonders!”

Sean Lantis – Guitarworks Inc.

“I have been in the guitar service industry for 10 years specializing in set-up and enhancing the playability of any and all stringed musical instruments. Big Bends Nut Sauce is the best lubricant on the market, and I’ve used them all. From graphite to lithium grease, Big Bends is hands down the best product I’ve ever found. I’ve used it to silence rattle and enhance tuning on bone, graphite, plastic, and brass nuts. I’ve used it on both electric and acoustic bridge saddles, Hipshot string benders, Fender Telecaster B-bender mechanisms, and on Grover Drop D tuning keys and Big Bends Nut Sauce has always done its job and continues to add to its list of accomplishments. Thank you for your innovation. I can sleep better at night. I would recommend Big Bends to anyone looking to improve tuning and playability on their instrument and look forward to discovering new uses for this incredible product.”

Scott Eivins

“Just wanted to drop a note and say how great this product is working. I’m using it on all my personal guitars as well as every guitar that comes in for a set up. I even used it on an old pedal steel restoration project I took on. The guitar had been sitting in a damp basement for 30 years before the daughter of the owner brought it out in the light. It had the old Kluson Deluxe tuners and they were frozen tight. After several baths in Naptha, Acetone, and more Acetone, they were finally clean. With just a little Nut Sauce, these tuners were up and running as if new. Again, great product. I’m extremely pleased.”

Todd Woolsey, lead guitarist for Trick Pony

“On the Brooks and Dunn ‘Neon Circus’ tour Pete Anderson’s guitar tech, Troy Boyer, gave me a bottle of ‘Big Bends Nut Sauce’ to try and I can’t believe the difference it made in keeping my tremolo guitars in tune!!!! I…have used graphite and/or Vaseline for years but this stuff REALLY WORKS!!!! My guitars have never stayed in tune like this!! Thank you Jeff for making such an incredible product!! I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!”

Tom Mullin

“I received the order of Nut Sauce, and immediately applied it to my most problematic guitars: A 2000 Gretsch 6120 (Setzer HotRod w/Bigsby) and a 2001 SG Special.

For obvious reasons the HotRod has been a bit difficult, especially when abusing the Bigsby. The application of Nut Sauce just changed everything for the better! It really takes a beating, and even some outrageous Neil Young-ish Bigsby shakes did no harm Very nice! Most pleasingly, the SG is finally playable live! For reasons that appear to be related to a fairly low quality factory nut and tuners on the SG (surprising for a USA made Gibson, but still lots of kinking and tweaking sounds no matter how many trips to various repair shops), the SG simply wouldn’t stay in tune for live gigs. The Nut Sauce has finally ended my frustration! This baby stays in tune now!
Thanks for an outstanding product!

Will Ray, guitarist – Hellecasters

“I use Big Bends Nut Sauce every time I change my strings, on every guitar I own.
Guitar tuning problems can be traced to the nut and bridge, and Nut Sauce lets me bend strings in total confidence. I also advise anyone using B-Benders to use it religiously. Nobody likes an out of tune guitar.”

William K. Noel

“I have been using Big Bends Nut Sauce for several months. My playing style is what is known as a “String Bender”, the style first developed by James Burton. I could not keep my guitars in tune. I went to locking tuners and got some improvement, but only when I started using Big Bends Nut Sauce did my instruments stay perfectly in tune. There are few products that live up to their promise, and Big Bends Nut Sauce is one of those products. I cannot recommend this product strongly enough. It is a simple answer to a serious problem. Try it and you will never change strings again without Big Bends Nut Sauce.”

Wookie – Tommy Girvin’s guitar tech with Eddie Money

“Big Bends Nut Sauce is the best thing out there for dealing with stubborn nuts. Your string just does what it needs to do, and the guitar is always where it needs to be – in tune!! No more jumping sharp when you tune it. 440 here I come!!”

Zac Childs

“Brad’s use of a string bending and penchant for behind the nut bends can be very hard on tuning and can prematurely wear down the guitars nut. I use Nut Sauce every other string change to combat these problems.”