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  • Is Nut Sauce safe?

    Yes, it is both non-toxic and non-corrosive.

  • Is Nut Sauce ok to use on my Graphite or Tusq nut?

    Yes, it is safe for all nut materials.

  • How does Nut Sauce work?

    It works by reducing friction at string bearing points.

  • Can I use Nut Sauce on nylon strings?

    Yes, we recommend that Nut Sauce to be used on all guitars with nylon strings.

  • I have a Roller nut; can I still use Nut Sauce on it?

    Yes, we have been told by many players that it improves the tuning stability of guitars with Roller nuts.

  • I have a self lubricating nut; do you recommend I still use Nut Sauce?

    Yes, Nut Sauce will improve the efficiency of a self lubricating nut.

  • How does Nut Sauce improve sustain and harmonics of an instrument?

    By equalizing the string tension on each side of the nut, bridge and string guides. Some manufacturers refer to this difference in tensions as negative stress.

  • Can I use Nut Sauce on a mandolin?

    Yes, Nut Sauce is recommended for all stringed instruments to include, dulcimers, violins, banjos, bass guitars. Any instrument with a nut will be improved with Nut Sauce!

  • What is the microbrush for?

    It can be used to apply the Nut Sauce with and for clean-up.

  • How does Nut Sauce stop string breakage problems?

    By reducing the mechanical wear that takes place at the bridge.

  • What do I do if I get a little Nut Sauce on my fretboard or headstock?

    Just use a clean cloth and wipe it off.

  • Are Big Bends Guitar String Wipes only alcohol based?

    No; they do contain alcohol but also contain components to lift dirt and oxides from the strings and to sanitize them.

  • Can I use your Guitar String Wipes to wipe my fingers before or after playing?

    Yes; they are completely safe to use on your hands.

  • Why are your String Wipes in 2 Ziploc bags as well as a clam shell?

    To stop them from drying out, we do everything we can to ensure you get a great product that stays fresh to the last wipe.

  • Will Nut Sauce help my 12 string stay in tune?

    Yes, Nut Sauce will help even the worst 12 string stay in tune!

  • Will Encore Scratch Remover remove belt buckle scratches?

    Probably not; Encore removes fine scratches from the guitars clear coat finish.

  • Is Gloss Sauce safe to use on Nitrocellulose lacquer finishes?


  • Why don't you put cool graphics on your Work Stations?

    We leave the area where the guitar will set w/o graphics so that anything that might scratch the finish will be easy to see.

  • Can I use Fret Board Juice on a maple fretboard?

    You can use it to clean the fretboard but there is no purpose in letting it sit there because maple fretboards are sealed and can't be moisturized.

  • How many applications can I get from the different Nut Sauce applicators?

    Since there are many different applications for Nut Sauce on different instruments this is a hard question to answer, but if it's only applied to the nut and bridge, at a minimum you should get 50 complete string changes from a Lil-Luber, 150 from a Groove-Luber and 600 from a Bench Luber.

  • What does Nut Sauce contain?

    Teflon and silicone in a proprietary base that won't run or drip.

  • Why would I want to use String Sleeves?

    Guitarists that use String Sleeves are hard players that break strings at the bridge plate where the string comes thru the body and makes a bend across the edge of the bridge plate.

  • Can I reuse String Sleeves?

    Yes, they can be reused many times.

  • What is the heaviest gauge string I can use the String Sleeves with?

    Each kit comes with a 7th sleeve that will work on a 70.

  • Are there any finishes that Gloss Sauce should not be used on?

    Hand Rubbed finishes. Gloss Sauce does contain wax so if you are not sure if you should use a wax on your instrument, ask the instruments manufacturer.

  • What makes Fret Board Juice different from other moisturizers?

    We do not use any solvents that can loosen frets or fretboard markers over time.

  • Why are AXS Wipes special?

    Because each wipe is made of the highest quality Microfiber. Each fiber is 100 times finer than human hair and 10 times finer than silk.

  • Are AXS Mitts made of the same material as AXS Wipes?


  • I purchased a Gloss Sauce Bench Bottle and it won't pour, can you help?

    Remove the seal inside the cap that the bottle is shipped with.

  • How long should I let Fret Board Juice stay on the fretboard before I wipe off the excess?

    30-60 seconds.



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